About Us

The History

Not knowing what to get my father-in-law for Christmas back in 1983, I decided I'd try to make him a family coat-of-arms. It took me forever, but it turned out fine. (in fact, the sample photo of the Carved Coat of Arms "McCarthy" is the very one I made for him) He loved it, as did his family and friends.....shortly after that I sold more coats of arms to some prominent Irish pubkeepers in Milwaukee...then in 1984 I rented a booth at Milwaukee Irish Fest (the largest Irish Festival in the world) and started selling to the public. You can still find me at Irish Fest....The rest is history. Now 30 years and hundreds of happy customers later I'm taking my show to the web.....So, if you're reading this, you've found me!....How bout a classic family coat of arms for your wall?!

About Us

Gietl Sign Company, Inc. will provide high-quality creative solutions and construction of efficient, durable & communicative signage for the beautification & benefit of client & community. Gietl Sign always delivers signage it is proud to display.

As new management brings the company into the XXI c. with upgraded graphics technology and the fostering of fresh ideas, Gietl Sign will still retain the flavor and quality of traditional signage.

Gietl Sign's First Location

Gietl Sign's first location on Vliet Street, between 57th & 58th, 1982.

Gietl Sign's Current Location

Gietl Sign's relocation to current shop at 53rd &Vliet. Photo taken 9/11/2001