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The Anniversary Shield

The heraldic shamrock, known as the trefoil, is one of our most popular customized signs. It features your family name and an Irish Shamrock carved in cedar to hold up outdoors.

The Irish Shield Sign

In heraldry, Fesswise denotes a horizontally placed charge across an escutcheon (the Family Shield). Hand crafted in cedar for outdoor durability and hand painted. Family Shield is printed or painted on high performance vinyl. For an extra charge you may opt for Celtic knotwork below your name.

The Carved Double

This sign is named after Gietl's Grandma, whose maiden name is McCarthy, who happened to find the love of her life in a man named McCarthy who did not happen to be one of her cousins! The Carved Double contains both spouses' Family Names along with their Family Shields carved side-by-side in pine.The shamrock in the middle contains the wedding date if so desired. Hand crafted and hand painted.

The Carved Shield

In heraldry, the Escutcheon is the Family Shield on which the Arms are depicted. Hand crafted in pine and hand-painted.

Irish States

Your choice of State (or Province), completely hand carved and painted in Irish tri-color. Sizes to vary by customization.

The Carved Coat of Arms

The Carved Coat of Arms is your Family's complete Coat of Arms. It contains your Family Shield (the Escutcheon) along with your Crest atop your Helm, and the scrolled Family Motto. Hand-crafted in pine and hand-painted.

The Anniversary Shield

The Anniversary Shield highlights your Family Name and Shield and the year of thou Wedded Bliss. This hand-crafted and hand-painted sign is carved in a classic colonial shaped pine board.

Bottle Opener

Ranging from Irish sayings such as "Slainte" to custom wedding gifts for new couples (or the wedding party) to the company lunchroom refrigerator. The magnetic strip on the back of the opener secures strongly to any magnetic surface. We can help out with your design. Cheers!